Product 101 | What is Tally?

The short answer is that Tally is a free, open-source Web3 wallet built and operated by the same people who use it.

Product 101 | What is Tally?

The short answer is that Tally is a free, open-source Web3 wallet built and operated by the same people who use it.

Tally is also more than that. It is a response to the shift towards corporate-run, closed source software in today’s most popular cryptocurrency wallets. An open source and community-owned alternative was, and still is, necessary.

Timeline: A Tale of Two Wallets

Tally is an opportunity to deliver a wallet built on openness through its product, culture, code, and community. When ConsenSys moved MetaMask from an open source to a proprietary license in August 2020, the engineers behind Tally realized that the Web3 stack was under assault by the same conglomerate that once proposed a more open and fair financial system. Our response was to build a community owned Web3 wallet operating on the principles that have guided open source software for the past four decades. We’ve taken steps to ensure that Tally starts open source and stays open source. More importantly, we’ve made sure that it's driven by its users with the upcoming launch of the Tally DAO.

4/4/16ConsenSys launches MetaMask
ConsensSys switches MetaMask’s codebase to a tiered proprietary license
10/13/20ConsenSys launches in-wallet swaps on MetaMask, charging exorbitant service fees
8/18/21Tally is announced as the first community-owned wallet
11/17/21Tally publishes code as free and open source under copyleft GPLv3 license
ConsenSys announces $237 million in cumulative fees, leading to a $200 million fundraise
Tally calls for delegates ahead of upcoming DAO launch
12/20/21Tally Launches Community Edition wallet
Coming soon!Fully featured wallet and Tally DAO

Tally Community Edition

Today, we are releasing the Tally Community Edition! This pre-launch release of the Tally wallet browser extension is your chance to get a first look at what we can build together! Getting this Community Edition into the hands of our users is an important step towards full community ownership. This is your chance to start using Tally before the full release, so you can test drive its features and help direct Tally's future with your feedback!

The Community Edition wallet will be able to:

⚠️ A couple things to remember as an early user of the pre-launch release: Many of Tally's features are still in development and may not respond as desired. This is a pre-launch release, so we recommend that you test responsibly with small amounts of crypto (not your life savings!). Also, note this early release will not have all of the features that your might expect from a full-featured wallet, but we will be incorporating these features soon. Please check out our documentation for the list of features that we know have not been included in this release.

Tally Roadmap Preview

Here are some features that you can expect the full version of Tally to include:

  • In-wallet swaps
  • Ledger support
  • Advanced fee selection
  • Standard wallet settings like connecting to Testnets or custom RPC
  • Account management features - including seed imports from any wallet, account customizations, and seed reveals

All of these features and more will be added, improved, and expanded upon in the coming months as Tally and the Tally DAO continue to grow and evolve.

Join the Pack

Be one of the first to adopt our community-owned alternative to MetaMask by downloading the Tally Community Edition now and joining the pack on Discord.
We need your help to build this together!  Discord is the best place to give feedback about the Community Edition of the wallet. Please also  share:

  • What don't you like about today's Web3 wallets?
  • What features are you missing?
  • How can we make open finance easier today?

To get you started with Tally, we’ve also put together a quick guide on how to try Tally.